Disability and I: Laura Beston

Laura Beston and I became friends back during our first year of college in Dublin. During the years that have passed, Beston and I have both been through a lot and have changed as people, but we still both hold activism close to out hearts. In our second year of college, Beston and I worked […]

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Disability and I: Gearóidín McEvoy

I love few things more than I love the Irish language. There isn’t as much Irish language media out there as there should be. Last year, I came across the podcast Motherfocloir, and my love for Irish was reignited. The podcast featured Gearóidín McEvoy, a gaeilgeoir (Irish enthusiast) and a dyslexic PhD student. I met McEvoy the other […]

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Blood Donation: Rosie McLaughlin

For World Blood Donation Day, June 14, 2019.   As a child, I would accompany my father to the local hotel when the mobile blood transfusion service would visit Donegal. A pelican always sat in the lapel of his jacket, named for Pelican house, the old Blood transfusion HQ located on Mespil Road. I associated […]

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2018 in Review

2018 has been such a brilliant year for the disabled community in Ireland and across the globe. I finally feel like we (the disabled community) are making real, palpable chage and are definitely on the verge of something truly great. Looking forward to whatever the future holds and not being concerned with the past is […]

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Disability and I: Jane Madden

Editor’s note: Invisible disabilities like mental health struggles, dyslexia and dyspraxia can often go unnoticed and undiagnosed. This week’s post is a lovely piece by Jane Madden, a student with dyspraxia. Lots of readers might relate to Jane’s experience and journey through her diagnosis. Hopefully this story could even help other students who are finding […]

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Disability and I: Courtney McGrath

“What did I say?” – a question somebody regularly asked me when I was younger, after trying to test my lip-reading skills by making exaggerated expressions with their mouths while looking rather foolish ☺ I used to think this was a cool skill to have when I was younger, because no one else in my class […]

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