Disability and I is a campaign set up by Niamh NĂ­ Hoireabhaird and Laura Beston, two students in Ireland with different disabilities. Since carrying out awareness raising activities on our college campus, I (Niamh) have decided to revive the blog and head in a different direction with the campaign’s original concept.

My objective is to provide people with the awareness about the different disabilities here in our society, and to provide a platform for people with disabilities to share their experiences.

Having a disability is an incredibly personal thing, and everyone deals with it and goes through life in their own way. I hate the perception that people must “overcome” their disability to be happy and successful. Personally, my disability has shaped my life and who I am, and that’s something I am proud of.

I want the blog to be a storybook of people’s personal experiences with their disability. I have spoken to so many different people with such diverse interests and I want to compile all of the amazing stories into one place.

I really hope you enjoy reading, and please do contact me if you have a story to tell or some thoughts to share!

Niamh x