Disability and I is a campaign set up by Niamh Herbert and Laura Beston, two students in Ireland with different disabilities. Since carrying out awareness raising activities on our college campus, I (Niamh) have decided to revive the blog and head in a different direction with the campaign’s original concept.

My objective is to provide people with the awareness about the different disabilities here in our society, and to provide a platform for people with disabilities to share their experiences. A kind of ‘for people with disabilities, by people with disabilities” platform. I want to share the amazing stories of people with disabilities.

We are people with disabilities AND abilities, and with the right support, will shine and help us in achieve any goals and dreams. I find that people can often forget that there’s more to a person than a disability, and people can get bogged down in the negative, and so I just wanted to play host to all the positive and amazing stories and opinions of those with disabilities.

I want the blog to be a storybook of people’s personal experiences with their disability. I have spoken to so many different people with such diverse interests and I want to compile all of the amazing stories into one place.

I really hope you enjoy reading, and please do contact me if you have a story to tell or some thoughts to share! 🙂