Disability and I: Jane Madden

Editor’s note: Invisible disabilities like mental health struggles, dyslexia and dyspraxia can often go unnoticed and undiagnosed. This week’s post is a lovely piece by Jane Madden, a student with dyspraxia. Lots of readers might relate to Jane’s experience and journey through her diagnosis. Hopefully this story could even help other students who are finding […]

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Disability and I: Courtney McGrath

“What did I say?” – a question somebody regularly asked me when I was younger, after trying to test my lip-reading skills by making exaggerated expressions with their mouths while looking rather foolish ☺ I used to think this was a cool skill to have when I was younger, because no one else in my class […]

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Disability and I: Laura Beston

Laura Beston and I became friends back during our first year of college in Dublin. During the years that have passed, Beston and I have both been through a lot and have changed as people, but we still both hold activism close to out hearts. In our second year of college, Beston and I worked […]

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Disability and I: Aoife O’Donoghue

I was diagnosed as probably being on the autistic spectrum when I was around maybe 16 or 17. My therapist started to get suspicious because of my then ridiculously intense obsession with the Marvel cinematic universe (I broke down crying in her office because I couldn’t see the Avengers film for weeks). I just thought […]

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Disability and I: Corina Duyn

M.E. and the power of puppetry   Twenty years ago I worked as a self employed Doll Artist. I worked to private and corporate commissions, including for Waterford Crystal. I had my work in shops and galleries. And did some teaching too. Making puppets with a group of young people residing in a group home […]

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Disability and I: Carly Bailey

Carly Bailey is a truly amazing woman. She is a Law and Political Science student at Trinity College Dublin, vice-chair of the Social Democrats, a proud mum, a political candidate for Dublin Southwest, and, on top of everything else, a person living with a disability. Bailey’s journey into politics started out when she began studying […]

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